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Dudley Taylor Pharmacies Ltd is a family owned company with a Pharmacy tradition dating back to 1948 when Mr. Dudley Taylor, a Cornishman purchased his first Pharmacy in Kenilworth, Warwickshire after leaving the RAF. Seven decades later, it is still family owned and continues to be committed to community healthcare. The Pharmacy Group, which is now under the direction of Dudley’s two pharmacist sons, Christopher and Michael, has approaching 60 Pharmacies situated in England and Wales. We have pharmacies stretching from the Rotherham area in the North to Cornwall in the South, with many of our branches in the West Midlands, but we are also located in Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Telford, Shrewsbury and Mid and South Wales.

Dudley Taylor Pharmacies are predominantly situated in local communities, and all of our Pharmacy teams are passionate about providing excellent and efficient Pharmaceutical Services to people in these communities, in a professional yet friendly manner, to help them feel and stay healthy. We have many long serving staff working throughout the company, which we feel allows relationships to develop with our many patients, which is crucial reason why we are able to provide an excellent service.

All of our staff undertake accredited pharmacy training and continually refresh and upgrade their knowledge in order to provide the best possible service at all times We also build strong relationships with the GP surgeries near to our pharmacies, to help us provide the best possible service for our patients, by encouraging a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare. We also continuously endeavour to develop strong relationships with our customers and patients, so we can understand and best meet their needs.

Our Pharmacies carry out a comprehensive range of Pharmacy services, including ‘Free Prescription Collection and Delivery of Prescriptions’ in many of our pharmacies, service to Care Homes and dispensing into compliance aids. Pharmacists offer healthcare advice and provide ‘Medicines Use Reviews’ with patients, as well as a wide range of additional public health services that are developed to meet the needs of our customers. As well as selling over the counter medicines, the majority of our pharmacies also carry a broad range of health and beauty products.

Our Pharmacies are all supported by a Head Office team in Warwick, which includes Pharmacists that are able to provide support and advice to Pharmacy Managers. In an ever changing world, we are continually looking at developing new and innovative services to ensure you enjoy the best care possible. Our Superintendent Pharmacist is Mrs Elaine Aldham, who has many years of experience, and ensures everything we do, is for the benefit for our patients and customers.

Dudley Taylor Pharmacies Ltd & Associated Companies – Statement of Compliance – Modern Slavery Act 2015:

Our Business:

We are a family owned group of Community Pharmacies throughout England and Wales. We have approximately 60 branches and are based in Warwick, England. As a family owned group, the welfare of our staff is of critical importance, and we extend this objective to all the people throughout the world, involved in our supply chain and the manufacture of medicines.

The majority of our business is the dispensing of human 'prescription only medicines' (POMs), under the direction of a UK registered Doctor.

As per the Modern Slavery Act of 2015, we offer the following statement regarding our intention to only obtain stock through reputable and established wholesalers, who operate in a manner which does not involve slavery and/or human trafficking.

DTP's Statement of Compliance:

We recognise that the manufacture and distribution of POMs is a global industry, with many raw materials and manufacturing sites, together with a complex supply chain.

We share the aim with our patients, customers, staff and suppliers to ensure everyone involved with our company have their Human Rights upheld at all times.

We therefore only source stock for the group from reputable wholesalers, based in the UK. Most of the suppliers we use are actually multi-national operations, who support all the other pharmacy groups in the UK. We will continue with our existing policy to only deal with MHRS inspected and approved suppliers for our medical purchases.

Mr Glenn Maddenp - Mr Michael Taylor

Head of Operations - Director

Leafield Estate, Stratford Road, Warwick
CV34 6RA
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